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Codeforces Round 451 – Problem F

Problem F : Restoring the Expression Statement: You are given a string which is of form ” a + b = c “, where ‘a’, ‘b’ ,’c’ are non-negative integers. Now the ‘+’ and ‘=’ sign has been removed from the string to form a string ‘abc’. Now you have to find the places where… Read More »

Codeforces Round 451 – Problem D

Problem D :Alarm Clock Statement : Vitalya sets n alarm clocks to wake up.Every alarm clock rings during exactly one minute and is characterized by one integer A[i] — number of minute after midnight in which it rings. Every alarm clock begins ringing at the beginning of the minute and rings during whole minute. Vitalya… Read More »

Codeforces Round 451 – Problem C

Problem C : Phone Numbers Statement : Vasya has several phone books. phone book contains information about his friends in following format: name number_of_phone_numbers phone_numbers name can repeat in his phone book. Also, phone number can repeat for given name. So, you have to convert it into following format : name number_of_phone_numbers phone_numbers such that… Read More »