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Codeforces Round 450 – Problem E

Problem E :Maximum Questions Statement :   You are given two strings ‘s’ and ‘t’ where every character of string ‘s’ can only be ‘a’, ‘b’ or ‘?’. Now, string ‘t’ is a string like “abababababa——“, in which every character at odd position is ‘a’ and at even position is ‘b’. The length of string ‘s’… Read More »

Codeforces Round 450 – Problem D

Problem D Statement : :  You are given two numbers ‘x’ and ‘y’ , we have to find the number of sequences of all lengths whose gcd is ‘x’ and whose sum is ‘y’. i.e. ,    and     (Link to the problem) Solution : Now first thing that comes to mind is if  ‘y’ is… Read More »